Going Nowhere Festival (Spain)

Boom Festival (Portugal)

PEX Festival (Maryland)

Students rest in shavasana after an early morning Yoga session at Pex Festival in Darlington , Maryland.  The Meso Creso DJ Booth is pictured behind them.


This is the place where partner yoga was first introduced to Anahata by DC yogi Debriana Berlin.  The retreats took place in Delaware at Playa Del Fuego, a popular Yoga retreat and music festival.  Here a playful form of Yoga that shared the practice with a ,"Partner" was used as an access point to allow for multiple levels of yoga students, to come together in a kind of yoga celebration.


Anahata Partner Yoga at Freeform Festival in Pennsylvania.  This weekend retreat was the first of many festivals to offer the site of the Art effigy as a place to commune and do Yoga in a sort of spiritual cleansing of the location.


Anahata provided Yoga classes at different Ayahuasca retreat centers throughout the Peruvian Amazon.  Working together with the Shamans, Anahata taught both Kundalini and Kundalini Partner yoga over various summers in the area of Iquitos, Peru.

Anahata's home base classes at Bloombar's DC.
Students are striking Double Plough and Sky Crane.